McKinney-Vento Homeless Program

The McKinney-Vento Homeless Program assists Whiteside County school districts in identifying homeless students and providing families with assistance to meet educational needs. This is a sub-grant funded program.

Rock Falls High School District #301 has a registered homeless liaison that is trained on the rights of homeless students. Professional development is provided to liaisons, school districts, and community agencies to increase awareness of homeless education by the Whiteside County ROE. Among the benefits reported by state coordinators in a 2005 education survey, there was an increase of identification of homeless children, increase of service provision for homeless children, better coordination among school district programs and local agencies, increased awareness of homeless issues, and more effective communication between state and local agencies.

Rock Falls High School District #301 makes every effort to assist with removal of barriers for school success and advocates for the rights of homeless students. Other services that are provided include purchasing school supplies, assistance with tutoring and after school programs, health referral services, student record requirements, and parent education.

For additional information and forms to access services for homeless see the ISBE website.

Contact Information: Kris Smith – Rock Falls High School Homeless Liaison

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