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School and Lunch Fees

RFHS has made serious strides toward financial solvency over the past few years. To maintain our solvency we must address financial problems that present themselves. One problem that we are attempting to address is the lack of payment of school fees & lunch fees. We have instituted several measures to rectify this situation. One measure that affects your student is that all fees must be paid before a student may attend Prom. We encourage every student that has the opportunity to attend Prom. We also are encouraging fiscal responsibility. If your student has an outstanding debt, would you please see that it gets paid as soon as possible.

Payments may be made in Student/Family Access on the RFHS website, or you may submit payment to the main office. All students who have a negative lunch balance will not be able to purchase a la carte items, until they have money in their account. Per the State of Illinois, if a student is not on the Free/Reduced Lunch Program, RFHS has the right to refuse lunch to a student if there are insufficient funds at the point of sale.


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Lunch Money Deposits

The following is the procedure for depositing lunch money in your student’s account:

  • Money needs to be put in the locked drop box by the main office no later than 9:00am.
  • If money is deposited after 9:00am it will not be credited to the account until the next day.
  • When depositing money after 9:00am, please stop in the main office before placing in the lock box and show your money to the school secretaries. After approval, you will be given a note, to show the lunch ladies to verify you have deposited money. Students may then drop their money into the lock box and it will be added to their account the following day.

Free- Reduced Lunch Program

All students/families in the State of Illinois, have the right to apply for Free/Reduced Lunch. Please fill out the application and return to the RFHS Office.


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