ELearning Plan

Rock Falls Township High School District 301
E/Remote Learning Plan


Rock Falls Township High School District 301 E-Learning/ Remote Learning Protocol:


Remote Learning Expectations:

When severe weather events or other emergencies prevent school from being in session, students will complete school work at home.  Teachers will provide technology-based and/or paper copies to students. The work will be assigned to the students on or before the emergency day and will be due to be submitted back to the teacher upon completion or within two (2) school attendance days following the remote learning.  Attendance will be counted upon completion of a designated amount of assignments.  Teachers, counselors, and the school nurse will need to be available via email from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  All certified staff will report to the building principal at the end each day. 

Remote Learning Day activities will include content aligned to the learning objectives in each course of study.  The activities will be relevant, meaningful and manageable.  This could include activities involving technology and/or other activities not involving technology.


Student and Staff Access and Participation in Remote Learning:

When an emergency closing allows the District time to distribute electronic devices, each student will be issued a Chromebook or laptop.  When travel is not a deterrent and the situation permits access to RFHS, the school’s Wi-Fi will be made available to students.  Another appropriate site for students to access Wi-Fi would include the Rock Falls Public Library. 

Teachers will provide technology-based and/or paper copies for students.

Remote Learning as it Applies to Special Education:

Special education and 504 students will be provided the same accommodations and modifications as outlined in their IEP.  Special education teachers will work with regular education staff to determine the appropriate modifications for any electronic/remote learning activities.

Remote Learning Notice to Students and Parents:

The building principal and teachers will provide updated information to students and families via School Messenger, District Website/Social Media and student email as necessary.

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