Freshman Orientation will be Friday, August 14th 7:50-11:30 and the first full day of school will be Monday, August 17th

School Closure

As most of you have heard, Governor Pritzker announced yesterday that Remote/E-Learning Days will continue through the end of the school year.  This is difficult to hear as I think we all miss the opportunity to see each other on a daily basis.  Having the chance to sit in a classroom with our peers and interact with our teachers and coaches on a daily basis would be a welcome return to normalcy.  But this is the best decision to try and help flatten the curve and stop the spread of Covid-19.  

With this announcement comes a lot of tough decisions for everyone involved with education, athletics, prom and graduation.  According to the IHSA, they will be making a decision on all Spring sports on Tuesday.  Obviously, there is no way to have Prom on May 9th as planned.  However, I have spoken with Mr. Herrera and we have discussed some alternative dates and locations as potential options.  
For all of the seniors thinking about graduation and how that will look, I wish I could give you a definite answer.  We have talked to a number of other districts and internally about how we can celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion.   This also includes awards night and celebrating the accomplishments you have achieved during your high school career.  We feel very strongly that we have to do something to make sure you do not miss out on this special event, but we acknowledge that it will not be what we are used to.  We will continue to monitor the decisions made by the Governor and continue to look at alternative dates and 'ceremonies'.  
What we can't lose sight of is the fact that learning does not stop.  We must continue to be engaged with our teachers and work on building our skills within each class.  We know that for some this is a difficult time to be completely focused on education.  But we also know that this is vital for all of you as you move onto the next phase.  For the seniors, we want to make sure you do everything you can to earn your diploma and build skills for whatever lies ahead in your future.  For the freshman/sophs/juniors, it is very important to continue working hard, so you are prepared for next year.  
So, as of Wednesday the 22nd, we will be moving strictly to E-Learning.  No new paper packets will be passed out.  Teachers will be communicating with you via email.  With that comes the concern of accessibility to the internet to be able to work from home.  Don't forget that you can park in the school parking lot or on the S-Curve and access the school's WiFi.  We are also working on other options for students who have notified us that do not have any access at home.  
Starting next week, we will begin collecting paper homework so teachers can check on completion.  We will also be handing back locker contents to the 9/10/11 grade students.  Here is the schedule:
Friday, April 24 11-1 - Seniors turn in HW
Monday, April 27 11-1 - Juniors turn in HW/Locker pass out
Tuesday, April 28 11-1 - Sophomores turn in HW/Locker pass out
Wednesday, April 29 11-1 Freshman turn in HW/Locker pass out
We will follow the same process as we did for device pick up, but students will not need to exit their vehicles.  We will just do a 'grab and go' method this time.  We are aware that some of you do not have paper HW to turn in and that is fine.  We still want to get locker contents to everyone.  
We are also aware that you may have projects left in Industrial Tech and Art classrooms and clothes in your PE lockers.  We will be passing out PE locker items during this time as well. 
We all miss seeing you guys and hope that you are staying safe!!


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